Audio Cable for BBC micro:bit

  • €2.90

The perfect cable if you want to output music or sound from the BBC micro:bit to headphones or speakers!

At one end of the cable there are two crocodile clips, which connect to the microbits GND and Pin 0 respectively. At the other end of the cable there is a 3.5mm TRS stereo jack which can be used to connect headphones or a speaker.

Note: although the BBC micro:bit can supply enough current to drive a pair of headphones, you will need an amplifier if you wish to drive an audio speaker.


  • Plug headphones directly onto the 3.5mm TRS stereo jack.
  • Crocodile clips for direct connection to the BBC micro:bit.


  • 1 x BBC micro:bit Audio Cable.


  • Length: 400mm.
  • Clips: 28mm.


  • 1 x BBC micro:bit.
  • 1 x pair of headphones or an amplified speaker.